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Papillon Montessori is an enchanting school for children to learn and grow in an environment rich in wonder and exploration. We are a school where your child will be loved and have a sense of belonging. We are a family that values and celebrates your child. We are a community dedicated to instilling a love of learning and mindful living in your child.

We cultivate an environment that fosters self-esteem and independence. Each child has unique abilities and capabilities, and we consider it an honor to assist them in realizing their full potential.

Papillon Montessori is committed to community development. We recognize the value of long-term connections with our community and invite them to participate in our work. We host various community service and outreach events to demonstrate our ideals of generosity and compassion.

We are devoted to fostering sustainability in our activities, from the classroom to the playground. We strive to provide our students with healthy, eco-friendly learning spaces while teaching them the value of environmental stewardship.


Our mission here at Papillon Montessori is to create and cultivate a nurturing and loving environment that encourages and promotes our children to embrace the Montessori teaching method of adopting and fostering hands-on activity and self-directed play. Our mission is to provide and cultivate an environment that supports independence and exploration.

Through small class sizes and individual teaching instruction, we are able to provide an intimate and family-like experience for every child. We encourage our students to take creative liberty in their learning experience while guiding them to a brighter future. 


Our vision for Papillon Montessori is for each child to grow within our organization and to be supported throughout their learning experience. Headed by our president, Mrs. Damarys Corso, we are a for-profit Montessori School, grades K-8th Grade, that instills life-changing information and experiences with our students. Our children are better equipped to grow and understand the world around them through encouraging self-discovery and self-learning.

Through unique teaching and guidance, we can provide a well-rounded learning experience for your child. Our specialized academic and after-school programs allow for significant and life-lasting experiences for your child.

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