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The environment at our school encourages students to explore, question, and perfect their skills. Located in one of Miami’s vibrant neighborhoods, we promote diversity and acceptance so that our students learn from a young age to embrace differences. Classroom materials are designed to capture a child’s natural curiosity and our teachers use that spark of interest to guide their students' growth and learning into skill and competence. The result is a sense of accomplishment that cannot come from sitting in a traditional schoolroom.



Our campus and classrooms are the modern embodiment of Maria Montessori's groundbreaking approach to education. ​

Natural lighting, natural hues, and uncluttered environments contribute to a sense of harmony and order that structures and motivates self-directed work. Learning materials are accessible to children, encouraging inquiry and experimentation. Every room is designed to promote the natural flow of learning and all types of student participation. Student spaces include quiet reading or thinking areas, tables with equipment for hands-on learning and production, and active movement and play areas.

Our teachers prepare every classroom for this type of learning. In anticipation of creating attractive settings that are warm and inviting, and stimulate each student's next fascination.


Our outdoor classroom and gardens, at their most basic, connect our children with the natural world, from birds singing to butterflies fluttering to digging in the dirt while contemplating peace. Our students become acquainted with and appreciate nature in as many ways as possible while developing environmental stewardship skills.

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Papillon Montessori offers students a wide range of experiences through our extensive array of facilities and buildings. We have obtained a beautiful collection of outdoor buildings that allow for new and fun experiences amongst our students. Some of our highlighted programs include after-school swimming, tennis, basketball, and many other outdoor activities. Our campus holds a state-of-the-art playground and jungle gym, as well as hosting a vast culmination of wildlife spread throughout our beautiful campus.


Papillon Montessori is a private and secured school campus located in the vibrant community of Miami Beach. The campus grounds are peaceful, contemplative spaces complete with meandering walkways, exotic vegetation, tennis and basketball courts, a performing arts space, a recreational field, outdoor dining areas, a treehouse, a swimming pool, and cabana, organic gardens, a tranquil koi pond, a tropical bird aviary, exotic animal enclosures, and flourishing wildlife.

We designed Papillon Montessori with a singular idea: to create a dynamic environment that allows our students to feel safe within our campus grounds while discovering the magic of the environment around them. Entry into any part of campus requires gated access. We have security cameras operating 24/7. Children are always supervised by staff.


The best way to fully comprehend what Papillon Montessori encompasses is to visit our campus (hyperlink to schedule a tour page). We welcome our potential students and families to know our community. While on a campus tour, you will be able to observe the students actively engaged in lessons, hands-on experiences, and peer learning. We believe you will truly appreciate and embrace the Montessori method of education. We hope you can share our vision of a broad-spectrum course and student life. Our uniquely tailored curriculum begins with the core subjects of math, science, language arts, and cultural studies. These subjects are enhanced by our appreciation for the fine and performing arts classes. Additionally, you will witness how our students integrate technology into their everyday lessons and a commitment to health and physical fitness.


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